Agile, Business Intelligence and Warehousing

Business decision cycles are turning faster, and also to maintain, professionals and managers will be in constant demand for new data and new types of verifying and analysis. Dynamic organizations are demanding greater agility utilizing their business intelligence (BI) systems. How’s your company doing in addressing user demands for further agile BI/DW? Exactly what are your hardest challenges?

 Agile faces some key challenges to beat when confronted with adoption within the enterprise. Projects within the enterprise are available in various tastes – from developing minor utilities to large enterprise business programs. The second type of projects have qualities which are a little not the same as other projects.

The integration team must wait around the application teams to build up the above mentioned. These application teams handle many unrelated projects and don’t always use Scrum (there goes the Scrum of Scrums).

Visibility into deliverables is usually in a milestone that is usually conveyed upfront.

Testing activities are challenging even without Scrum, because even when one application is prepared, the finish-to-finish testing cannot happen up until the other application can also be ready.

Scrum focus on self-organizing teams is effective when teams are small , co-situated.

 However it will get challenging when the truth is that teams today are global and geographically distributed across 2 or 3 continents. Project monitoring, generally, is a lot more complicated than I’d anticipated. Creating the items for Scrum required a while and they weren’t easy to keep.

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